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Cyber Security Services Company in Netherlands

Credible Digital Security Private Limited (CDSPL) is a prominent digital go-to partner that helps to accelerate your business innovation and security at the same time. We are renowned as a reliable Cyber Security Services Company in the Netherlands.

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Our Affordable Cyber Security Services

CDSPL is a one-stop destination for all the businesses who are seeking an exclusive range of Cyber security services. We help you to evolve your business into digital transformation to become proactive, effective, and resilient. We cater tailored cyber security solutions as per the need of the business.

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Web Application

Our Web Application VAPT Security Service protects web applications from code-based or network-based attacks by hackers.

Mobile App (Android & IOS) VAPT

Mobile App VAPT is very useful especially when you are gathering information from the user. It is helpful to expose the loopholes in the security of a mobile application.

Network & Wireless Security Assessment

Our security consultant performs numerous tests to discover the vulnerabilities in the wireless network. Being a Cyber security company, we make sure to provide a deep clean network.

Information Security & Gap Assessment

It is necessary to find out the gap in the security of your organization. Information Security & Gap Assessment helps to protect your firm from a devastating breach.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

As a promising Cybersecurity service provider, we focus on the recognition, exploration, and remediation of cyberattacks through DFIR.

Code Quality & Security Analysis

You can enhance workflow by analyzing source code to find security flaws. We make sure all the problematic code can be highlighted through this Cyber Security Services.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM offers the real-time tracking of security data for threat detection purposes. It detects vulnerabilities with the help of advanced technologies such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Social Engineering Assessment Program

Our social engineering assessment program provides a valuable way to understand the security exposure of your company. You don’t need to compromise the information or data security.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Our DLP Service easily detects unwanted breaches in sensitive data. It regulates the working of any organization smoothly.

Benefits of Cyber Security Services

Investment in Cybersecurity service providers is essential for your business to protect customer data and critical IT infrastructure. Here you can go through some benefits of Cybersecurity services.

Predict Cyber Threats

Through cyber security services, you can get a complete report of cyber threats that can harm digital documents, personal information, and customer data. Organizations can predict the upcoming cyber attacks with the help of cybersecurity experts.

Block Cyber Attacks

Cyber attackers spoof any person's email in the organization and send emails with finance-related information. A great cyber security service help to block cyber attacks on your IT database.

Increase Productivity

Cutting edge Cyber security services offer digital protection to your business that will save your employees from advanced threats such as Ransomware and Adware.

Why Choose CDSPL?

Credible Digital Security is a well-known Cybersecurity service provider across the region. Our skilled team delicately handles the cyber security of your organization.

Budget-Friendly Services

Being a trusted and affordable Cyber security company Netherlands, we don’t ask for extra hardware and software licenses expenses. You can use valuable resources at a discounted price.

Access to Updated Security

To get top-class security, you must be aware of the latest trends. You can plan or focus on security technology while working with a top-notch cybersecurity service provider.

Leverage an Innovative Mind

You always need a team of experts to maintain the security of your organization. Our innovative minds give you time and effort for effective security.

Advanced Technology

Our cyber experts use advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The advanced technology can easily identify unusual activity from hackers.


Our experts help you to adapt the basic five key principles: Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity, Accountability, and Auditability according to your business needs.

Digitization and remote work in business has increased the demand for cyber security. That’s why this industry booming in 2022.

The cost of cyber security includes various factors such as the size of the company, type of data, product & services, professional audits, etc.

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