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Cyber Security Service Provider in Singapore

To secure critical systems from digital attacks, Credible Digital Security Private Limited (CDSPL) is unbelievably serving across Singapore. We provide a wide variety of Cybersecurity Services to empower your company.

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You can measure our success from cyber security metrics and Key performance indicators.

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Offered Cyber Security Services

As a prominent Cybersecurity Service provider, we offer a new level of security posture and immunity. We help to transform your business and manage risk regarding security breaches.

Mobile Application VAPT

Mobile Application Penetrating Security Service has the power to find vulnerabilities in company data. It includes static and behavioral analysis.

Network & Wireless Security Assessment

Our cyber security experts conduct a wireless security assessment to identify the efficiency of your wireless connection. It analyzes the security challenges faced by the organization.

Information Security & Gap Assessment

Information Security and Gap Analysis identify the cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. It is one of the trending Cyber Security Services.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

DFIR uses digital technology to ensure the protection of your business. With the help of technology, experts examine and inspect cyber attacks.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM services help organizations find the potential security threats which can harm their business operations. SIEM is recognized as advanced analytics due to ML and AI.

Social Engineering Assessment

This assessment measures the security awareness level of any organization. Being a Cybersecurity Services provider, we help to protect your company from data breaches.

Code Quality & Security Analysis

This service is also known as Static application security testing. This assessment searches for the vulnerabilities in the software development process before hacker attacks.

Web Application

Web application penetrating assessment finds the security holes in web applications and corporate websites. It includes manual and tools methods.

Data Loss Prevention Service

DLP Service protects sensitive data against unauthorized access. Data loss is a big concern for your business.

Benefits of Cyber Security Services

Digital businesses are more vulnerable to cyber threats which makes the cybersecurity service essential for you. Here you can see how your organization can benefit from Cyber Security services.

Identify Potential Cyber Threats

Cyber threats come in multiple forms such as data corruption, ransomware, and many more. Cyber security experts can indicate these cyber threats to the organization. So that you can protect it.


When the security team will help to remove a number of breaches then obvoiusly it improves the productivity of your organization. Cyber security services keep sensitive data safe.


Spoofing is a high-risk attack from hackers. It can steal data, money, or spread malware in your system. Security services can help you to block mail spoofing and phishing.

Why Choose Us?

To handle the cyber security of your business, you need a cyber expert from a top-notch company. We are renowned as a trusted Cybersecurity Service Provider,

Trusted and Affordable Services

We offer a diverse range of cyber security services to valuable customers. This feature makes us stand ahead of other Cyber security company. We are a trusted provider of cyber security.

Take care of Valuable Customers

At Credible Digital Security, our dedicated and skilled team listen to the demand and proceed according to the valuable client. We help you to smooth running of online business.

Use Trending Technology

Our IT security professionals use Machine learning and Artificial intelligence to impose the best cybersecurity and prevent cyber-attacks. This advanced technology brings us slightly closer to our


We have a team of certified offensive security professionals who specialize in security operations and network exploitation. They are experts in finding system vulnerabilities and help to improve efficiency.


Our IT security professionals follow the basic five principles such as confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, and Auditability as per your business needs.

We use advanced technologies such as machine learning and Artificial intelligence to protect your sensitive data. That’s why our cyber security services are effective in all types of business.

We can estimate the cost of cyber security services according to numerous factors such as type of the company, size of company, audits, types of data, and products.

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