We have over 10 years of experience

Cyber Security Company in South Africa

Credible Digital Security focuses on cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques that help to uncover vulnerabilities of your organization. We are dedicated to delivering world-class cyber security services.

Our KPIs

As a prominent Cybersecurity Service provider, we apply security assessment to keep the security posture maintained. See how well we are doing in the marketplace through our Key performance indicator.

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What Services we are offering!

Being a top-notch Cyber Security Company in South Africa, It is our ethics to offer trusted Cyber Security Services to our valuable customers. Here you can see the enlisted services.

IT Security Gap Analysis

Our security gap analysis services visualize, understand, and prioritize the security measures of your organization. We also guide for implementation of security parameters.


It is one of the best professional services to keep your wireless network safe. This assessment includes an understanding of business needs, concerns about performance, and growth plans.

Web Application Penetration Testing

To keep secure sensitive data of web applications, our cyber expert performs web application penetration testing. This cyber security service stops unauthorized access to your application.


Digital Forensic and Incident Response work with digital technology to identify
and investigate the cyberattacks along with

Static Application Security Testing

Application Security Tool used in SAST assessment to scan source code or binary code of your application. SAST helps developers to find security flaws in source code.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Penetration testing checks the security weakness of your mobile application. It includes two types of methodology
(1) Black-box testing (2) White box testing.

IT Security

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enhances information security and protects from data breaches. It helps to secure the sensitive data of an organization.

Social Engineering and Phishing Service

This service prevents hacker attacks and mail spoofing. Our cyber security experts help to avoid social engineering and phishing.

SIEM Cyber Security Service

Security Information and event management (SIEM) give an additional layer of security in terms of detection and prevention.

Effective Benefits of Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is the main concern for all kinds of businesses. Here you can discover the benefits of cyber security for your business.

Predict Cyber Threats

With the help of cyber security experts, you can get a complete report of potential threats that can steal or harm the business's assets. If any cyber threat is found then we help to prevent it from business operations.

Block Cyber Attacks

The primary tool of cyber attackers is spoofing and it can harm reputed organizations. Our cyber team helps to block all the cyber threats in your database. So that businesses can maintain cyber security.

Enhance Performance and Productivity

Cyber-attacks can slow down your system or working environment. Hiring a Cyber Security company can ease cyber threats and cybercrime.

Why Choose Us?

Connecting with a top-notch cyber security company will protect your sensitive data of the organization along with customer satisfaction. We regularly assess the critical situation of your business.

Cost-effective Services

All our services are budget-friendly for every small to large-scale business. There are no other extra expenses to avail yourself of our services. Cost-effective services enhance the cybersecurity capacity. Services are available at a discounted price.

Access to

We offer bespoke and tailored services to every organization according to their demand and infrastructure. You will always find updated cyber security services.

Leverage an

You will get the opportunity to work with young and enthusiastic minds that have the finest skillset. Our innovative minds will help protect all types of data from damage.

Advanced Technology and trends

To provide the best level of service, our security team works on advanced technology and trends. Prevention strategies for threats are implemented at any level of the organization.


Cybercrimes are evolving day by day. Without a cyber security company, you cannot defend your organization from data breaches and cyber-attacks. It saves health records, personal data, trade secrets, and intellectual property.

Being a Cyber Security Services company, we follow the top 5 principles: Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality, Authentication, and Nonrepudiation. 

Yes, we deliver multilayered endpoint protection to all types of businesses. Small-scale organizations can easily afford cybersecurity services.

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