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Archive for December 22nd, 2021

Information Security & Gap Assessment

It is always changing, and security policies that were effective for your organization yesterday may no longer be effective today, according to the Cyber Threat Landscape. Hacker’s launch cyberattacks on a company every second, and a security breach can result in the loss of personal information about clients, resulting in financial penalties and reputational damage […]

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Network & Wireless Security Assessment

Network & Wireless Security Assessment An evaluation technique carried out by safety specialists on a user’s network in order to discover potential vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit is known as network VAPT. The major goal of a network penetration test is to assist organizations in improving the cyber security posture of their information technology corporate […]

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Mobile App (Android & iOS) VAPT

Mobile App (Android & iOS) VAPT Your mobile phone has replaced your physical ID card. Mobile data usage has become unavoidable, whether it’s for digital payment, finding a restaurant on Google, or something as crucial as your passport details. Unfortunately, the hazards associated with mobile data have also become unavoidable. Trends such as BYOD (Bring […]

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Web Applications VAPT

Web Applications VAPT Most websites are susceptible to code-based or network-based attacks. The ability to manage system components such as routers, firewalls, switches, and servers as well as the website code in the worst-case scenario allows hackers to have complete control over a network. The website, despite being straightforward and static html-based, requires extensive pen-testing […]

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Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation We conduct investigations into cybercrime cases, which we refer to as “Digital Crime Investigations” Any type of forged identification intended to harm a person’s reputation, including, among other things, fraud in electronic money transfers, cyber security risks, sending threatening emails, email swindles, and electronic financial fraud. We investigate any and all situations […]

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